CDK Mobile Systems - USA

ISO and MIL Qualified Shelter Container's
Trailers and Mobilizers


Foam, Rubber, Liquid & Sprayable Honeycomb & High Pwer Absorbers, Dielectric materials, Anechoic Chambers & Absorbers, Syntactic Foam

Honeywell Aerospace - USA

Rad-Hard ASICs & Memories, LVDS, RS422 Line
Driver/Receiver, WG Ferrite Latching and
Mechanical Switching Networks,
Satellite Payload Products,
Reaction Wheels, Gyros, IMU's, Isolation/Stabilization Systems
Thrust Vector Controllers, Pointing Mechanism
Human Space Products

Marki Microwave - CA, USA

LO Driver Amplifiers, Baluns, Mixers, IQ Mixers, Multipliers, Bias Tees, Equalizers, bare die or MMIC surface mount and coaxial suitable for space applications, both with K and S level qualification


WR-284 to WR-22 dip-brazed
components and subassemblies: bends,
attenuators, couplers, switches, mixers,
magic-tees, rotary joints, monopulse
comparators, flanges, WG-to-Coax Adapter

RESIN Systems - NH, USA

High and low Power Insert Loads, Raw
Materials, Microwave Power Terminations


Passive Terminations, TVA's, Attenuators, Diamond Resistors

RF Filters from 5 MHz to 40 GHz, Discrete Lumped Elements and Micro-Miniature, Cavity, Ceramic, Tubular, Tunable, Waveguide, Switched Filter Banks, Filter amplifiers, Diplexers

Millimeter-wave components and assemblies in the range 18-300 GHz: Mixers, Detectors, Multipliers, Gunn Oscillators, PIN Switches, Filters, Amplifiers, Isolators, Waveguide Components, space qualified customised products

Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

Embedded Transceivers and Transceivers modules for advanced interconnect-based solutions offering high data rate communication and radiation resistant performances for space and defence applications. SpaceABLE, LightABLE, LightVISION, SNAP12, VPX Optical Interconnects SpaceCONEX, LightCONEX.

Airborne Telemetry and Data Link Antennas, UHF Broadband Communications, Log-periodic Antenna, SATCOM, Positioners/Controllers

Ferrite Coaxial, Drop-in, Microstrip, WG Isolators & Circulators, military and space qualified, from UHF to V-band, Waveguide Assemblies, Coaxial and Waveguide High Power Loads

Integrated Microwave Assemblies L-Band through Ka-Band; Low Noise/Low g-Sensitivity Frequency Sources, Exciters and Synthesizers; Multi-Channel Receivers/Converters; Space Qualified LO/Ref generators; GPS/SAASM Atomic synchronized Clocks and Time Code Processors; Distribution Systems and Redundancy Systems; Tactical low g- sensitivity Precise GPS Time and Frequency References

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