CTT Inc. - CA, USA Low Noise amplifiers 0.5 - 40 Ghz, Power amplifiers 0.2 - 100W broadband and narrowband over 0.5 - 40 GHz, Fiber-optic broadband amplifiers 30 KHz - 20 GHz, Limiting amplifiers 0.5 - 18 GHz
CUMING Microwave - MA, USA Foam, Rubber, Liquid & Sprayable Honeycomb & High Power Absorbers, Dielectric materials, Anechoic Chambers & Absorbers, Syntactic Foam
EMC/FloridaRF - FL, USA Passive Terminations, Attenuators, Resistors & Cable Assemblies for Hi-Rel Space application
Honeywell Aerospace - GA, USA WG Ferrite Latching and Mechanical Switching Components and System Networks, Satellite Payload Products, Multichannel LNAs, Rad-Hard ASICs & Memories, Reaction Wheels, Gyros, IMUís, Isolation/Stabilization Systems Thrust Vector Controllers, Pointing Mechanism Human Space Products
LORCH Microwave - MD, USA RF Filters from 5 MHz to 40 GHz, Discrete Lumped Elements and Micro-miniature, Cavity, Ceramic, Tubular, Tunable, Waveguide, Switched Filter Bank, RF Signal Processing, Filter amplifiers, Diplexers
MDL - MA, USA WR-284 to WR-22 dip-brazed components and subassemblies: bends, attenuators, couplers, switches, mixers, magic-tees, rotary joints, monopulse comparators, flanges; WG-to-Coax Adapters
MILLITECH Inc. - MA, USA Millimeter-wave components and assemblies in the range 18-300 GHz: mixers, detectors, multipliers, gunn oscillators, PIN switches, filters, amplifiers, waveguide components, customised products space qualified
RESIN Systems - NH, USA High and Low Power Insert Loads, Raw Materials, Microwave Power Terminations
TRAK Microwave - Scotland, UK
Ferrite Coaxial, Drop-in, Microstrip, WG Isolators & Circulators, military and space qualified, from L-band to Ka-band
TRAK Microwave - FL, USA Integrated Microwave Assemblies L-Band through Ka-Band; Low Noise/Low g-Sensitivity Frequency Sources, Exciters and Synthesizers; Multi-Channel Receivers/Converters and Switched Filter Networks; Space Qualified LO/Ref Generators; Build-To-Print T/R Modules; Precise Time and Frequency Systems; GPS/ SAASM GPS / Atomic Synchronized Clocks and Time Code Processors; Distribution Systems and Redundancy Systems; Tactical low g-sensitivity Precise GPS Time and Frequency References